Despite the abundance of possibilities, Karnali has always been remarked as the land of poverty and shortage. The darker side with all the shortcomings has received so much limelight that even the people of Karnali themselves have forgotten their brighter side. Karnali has become the synonym for backwardness and inaccessible rural life. From the various NGO’s reports (to receive funds) to media stories, the image of Karnali has been tarnished as the focus has been given disproportionately to its weaknesses. With such a biased image and distorted understanding, Karnali cannot set out on a journey towards prosperity.

With a strong sense of urgency and deep commitment, this Aviyan (movement) aspires to reclaim the future of Karnali starting right from the highly necessary shift in the focus. Getting inspired by its magnificent history and looking forward to the possibilities of its future, this movement inspires and engages the youths and other like-minded people into various sustainable and impactful activities that are meant to quench the everlasting thirst of prosperity for Karnalians.

Samridh Karnali Abhiyan ska-4